You’re Going To Miss The Girl Who Tried Too Hard To Keep You.

The day is going to hit you when you realize she’s no longer a choice you get to make. You’ll cross paths and she’ll look and sound familiar but as you look a little more closely you’ll realize how much has changed about her. You’ll realize she looks a little prettier that far away even if she’s close.

It’s going to be then you realize what it is you miss about her.

You’ll find yourself looking at pictures you didn’t want to take in the first place but she insisted you do so. You never knew looking back at those moments and memories would hurt so much. You’ll miss the messages that popped up when she saw something and thought of you. Conversations of just wanting to know how you were doing. How you’d part ways and she’d always say I love you, get home safely with a kiss on the cheek as she took off.

Those moments of missing her will hit you as you realize there aren’t a lot of people like her who genuinally care. And maybe it was annoying sometimes but there wasn’t anyone with better intentions. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t do anything you ask.

You’ll regret the fact that you never appreciated her or thanked her. You’ll miss someone who never stopped trying with you. It’s the night that you’ll stay awake and you remember when you used to text her and even at odd hours she’d always make the time to talk to you. You’ll miss the person who was always on your side wanting what was best for you. You think back to how much time and emotion she invested into you. Her absence will make you realize how much you must have hurt her. You look at your phone and you want to text her and ask how she is but you can’t even figure out how to say hello. 

And it isn’t like you did anything wrong. But you didn’t do anything right either to make her stay.

That’s the thing about good people they stay for as long as they can believe in you. But you can’t keep them waiting forever.

Expectations always hurt.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” – Alexander Pope.

Why? Why do I expect too much? Why do we expect too much? Even after knowing this fact that expectations hurt we expect a lot. 

I get too happy too soon with people I instantly like and connect to that I start expecting them to treat me as special as I treat them. And even when that person is being nice to me I feel like – just that? No, please I expected more, please be more sweet to me, please make me feel special. And when it doesn’t happen I get hurt. I feel dejected. I feel ignored. And this happened with me several times, still I expect. And I can’t even blame anyone for disappointing me. Because that person isn’t at fault at all. It’s my stupid problem that I expect too much. But now my life is a lot easier because I have stopped expecting from everyone. I’ve stopped expecting to receive the same love and care which i so freely give to others. And now I’m quite happy with my life.

So just try to avoid expecting too much from people. Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

If you expect nothing, you can never be disappointed.