Enough of these “Why’s”.

Why am I the ony one who’s scared to lose everytime?
Why can’t I just be the one who they’re scared of losing?
Why am I always trying to portray my best side in order to get that acceptance?
Why can’t they just accept me the way I’m?
Why are we scared to show our vulnerability?
Why do we consider it as a sign of weakness and not kindness?
The answers to all these questions are within me.
It’s all because of the fear….
The fear of rejection.
We’re afraid of rejections.
Aren’t we?
But why are we afraid?
We shouldn’t be afraid right?

Let’s stop worrying about these “Why’s” and start loving ourselves more often.

Let’s accept ourselves the way we are.

Let’s make it worth living!


She isn’t perfect.❤️

She isn’t perfect, neither she tries to be.
She consider herself dumb not knowing that she’s just innocent. She just live in her ‘lala world’ not knowing about the real world. She’s the girl who cries herself to sleep sometimes and cares a little too much about what people say. She takes every word to heart, every word which people tell her, she believes everything, she feel everything. And she gives her everything to people. Even when she’s in pain, she doesn’t hurt anyone. But now she’s tired, she doesn’t have the heart left to love anymore. She became stubborn just to see who fought for her stubborn heart and her hard love. She is a soft soul of a child wrapped in a cold adult body. She is an old soul in this perfectly perfect world.✨

You deserve the best🎐

You deserve the best, the very best. You’re incredible. You make this world a little bit more wonderful. You’ve so much potential and so many things left to do. You have time. Better things are coming your way. So please hang in there. You can do it. Just believe in yourself a little more and then everything will be great. Don’t settle for less. Everything takes time. 

Don’t compromise. You have the right to be happy and get what you deserve. You deserve someone that keeps fighting for you, no matter how hard it gets. Someone that uplifts you daily and shows you a deeper connection than you’ve ever felt before. That type of person that doesn’t try to change you but instead chooses to help you grow. They motivate you to do better, and prove to you how dedicated they are to seeing you succeed. Yes! That’s the kind of love you deserve and will have. Now stop selling yourself short.

Here’s your daily reminder.

  • You deserve to be happy.
  • You aren’t worthless.
  • Smile everyday.
  • Life is tough but so are you.
  • Do it for you and not for them.
  • Expect nothing, appreciate everything.
  • You mean a lot to someone.
  • You are worth more than you think you are.
  • You’ve done something to make someone laugh or smile.
  • You’re good enough.
  • Better things are waiting to happen.
  • You are you and nothing can change that.
  • And there’s no one else you need to be.
  • Love yourself so fiercely that no one dare love you half- heartedly.
  • Just keep breathing 😉

You deserve better😇

Yes, you deserve better.

You have gown through so many bad stages, whether its a bad breakup, family issues, friends, whatever it is. But that stage is temporary. Infact eveything in this world is temporary. And the best part is that you pulled through these stages. They’re gone now. You passed from these stages. So you truly deserve happiness. You deserve someone who will never leave you. You deserve someone who will love all your flaws. You deserve someone who will be by your side whatever may be the situation is. You deserve all good things. You deserve so much better!💛

Let them go.

‘I don’t like you’
‘I don’t like the way you talk’

‘I don’t like your personality’

‘You’re are loser’

‘You can’t do anything in your life’

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Can you relate to these comments? If yes, then don’t worry.

So today I’m here to let you know that you are just perfect the way you are.

If you get to hear such comments from anyone then don’t feel dejected. Just let them go. Stop beating yourself up. You’re a work in progress. Which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once. You might hear such comments from your friends or colleagues. They just do this to demotivate you. Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren’t your problems. You should completely ignore their words because you’re amazing. You can do anything what you desire to do if you are determined to it. So just believe in yourself.

No matter what they say, don’t you dare doubt your worth. Just keep shining like you do.✨


Hello everyone!🙋🏻

My name is Vandana. I’m basically a college student and this is my first post and I’m very excited to share my thoughts with everyone.😻

Amm… what to say? (Mixed feelings)

So I have started this blog to share my life experience, the problems i face, the solutions i get, and the issues of day to day life. 

Life is all about facing problems and solving them by believing in yourself. We all face various problems in our day to day life. It may be related to your school life, your family, your career or your love life or something else.

I’ll help you people to face such problems and will suggest you the ideas to solve them. All my blogs will be related to life.

I assure you that after reading my blogs you’ll feel better and there will be an increase in the level of positivity in you. Trust me guys! I’ll write about those problems which we all face in our real lives. You will start loving yourself the way you are. You’ll feel as if you’re reading something related to you only. So just feel free to share your problems with me. You can mention your problems in the comment section. I’ll definitely blog about it as soon as possible and I’m always there to help you guys.

Thankyou so much for reading my first blog.❤️